• 17190 Bodega Ave,
  • Bodega, CA. 94922
  • (707) 377-4056
  • Bodega Country Store, located just 1 mile east of Route 1 on Bodega Highway, is a landmark locals and tourists can count on. Locals know last minute ingredients for that all-important daily dinner, end-of-the-day drink or fresh made deli sandwich can be purchased here. There is free WiFi and the fresh homemade hot soups are delicious. The Bodega Country Store showcases fresh organic local produce (in-season), imported domestic wine, beer and spirits, household and general merchandise, organic and conventional groceries, gifts and souvenirs (check out the Alfred Hitchcock movie The Birds souveniers) and there are senior discounts every Tuesday. Store shelves are lined with all manor of canned goods, health food, ice cream, chilled juices, gourmet coffee and cooking utensils. A nice selection of AMY's frozen health food dinners and pizza as well as Hungry Man TV dinners; plus Odwalla and "Super Green and Blue" Smoothies and fresh made deli sandwiches help quash the thirst and hunger. Flashy T-shirts, tourist souvenirs, movie rentals and post cards are displayed. There is a ATM machine. Friendly new owner Michael Fahmie and his staff have brought a fresh new spirit of free enterprise and service to locals and tourists who shop here.

    Food and Provisions Open Daily 8am - 8pm.
    Local & Travelers Checks
    17190 Bodega Ave., Bodega, CA 94922
    (707) 377-4056

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