Celtic Heart Shield Ring Chris and Shani Christenson Celtic Hand Carved Necklace


  • Jewelry Studio & Gallery
  • Village and Oceanviews
  • 45098 Main Street
  • Upstairs Suite #7
  • P.O. Box 1901
  • Mendocino, CA. 95460
  • (707) 937-1223
  • Open 11am - 5pm, Closed Tuesdays
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  • Platinum and goldsmiths Chris and Shani Christenson show fine Celtic and Nature inspired jewelry at Celtic Creations. They also specialize in custom wedding rings in their bright and elegant upstairs studio located in the heart of Mendocino. ÐWe always dreamed of having a beautiful place to create our jewelry, a place where someone could come in and participate in the creation processÓ, they state. Precious stones and metals are fashioned into master pieces that glisten and catch the light of sun, moon and stars.

    A flower swaying in a cool spring breeze, a lone wolf howling at the full moon, an ancient symbol carved in stone hundreds of years ago; each image captured in our jewelry has a special meaning to us and evokes it's own special feelingÓ, state proprietors Chris and Shani Christenson. To us creating jewelry is a celebration of the beauty we see in the worldÓ.

    Jewelry and Fine Art Gallery
    P.O. Box 1901, Mendocino, CA 95460
    Upstairs at 45098 Main St.,
    Mendocino, CA. 95460
    (707) 937-1223
    Email: jewels@mcn.org

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